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Portfolio Analysis for Timeliness

or indicates stock in need of review.
N/R indicates stock was not rated.
OrdinalTicker/QuoteDelete from PortfolioTimelinessShort Term Timeliness
1.A deleted····
2.AA deleted····
3.AA deleted····
4.AA deleted····
5.AA deleted····
6.ABCW deleted····
7.ABF deleted····
8.ABCW deleted····
9.ABF deleted····
10.ABCW deleted····
11.ABFS deleted····
12.ABF deleted····
13.ABK deleted····
14.ABK deleted····
15.ABFS deleted····
16.ABGX deleted····
17.ABI deleted····
18.AA deleted····
19.AAPL deleted····
20.AAPL deleted····
21.ABM deleted····
22.AA deleted····
23.ABS deleted····
24.AAPL deleted····
25.ABN deleted····
26.AAPL deleted····
27.ABS deleted····
28.ABM deleted····
29.AAPL deleted····
30.ABS deleted····
31.AAPL deleted····
32.ABC deleted····
33.ABCW deleted····
34.AAPL deleted····
35.AAPL deleted····
36.ABT deleted····
37.ABS deleted····
38.AAPL deleted····
39.ABX deleted····
40.ABX deleted····
41.ABX deleted····
42.ACV deleted····
43.ACTL deleted····
44.ABX deleted····
45.ABY deleted····
46.ACV deleted····
47.ACV.A deleted····
48.AC deleted····
49.ACAT deleted····
50.ACAT deleted····
51.ACAI deleted····
52.ACF deleted····
53.ACAT deleted····
54.ACDO deleted····
55.ABT deleted····
56.ABT deleted····
57.ACG deleted····
58.ACI deleted····
59.ACI deleted····
60.ABT deleted····
61.ABT deleted····
62.ACLS deleted····
63.ACN deleted····
64.ADI deleted····
65.ABX deleted····
66.ADI deleted····
67.ACS deleted····
68.ABX deleted····
69.ACS deleted····
70.ADI deleted····
71.ADIC deleted····
72.ADM deleted····
73.ADM deleted····
74.ADM deleted····
75.ADM deleted····
76.ADM deleted····
77.AD deleted····
78.ACXM deleted····
79.ADBE deleted····
80.ADBE deleted····
81.ADBE deleted····
82.ADP deleted····
83.AD deleted····
84.ADP deleted····
85.ADBE deleted····
86.ADP deleted····
87.ADPT deleted····
88.ADBE deleted····
89.ADBE deleted····
90.ADBE deleted····
91.ADBE deleted····
92.ADCT deleted····
93.ADCT deleted····
94.ADCT deleted····
95.ADCT deleted····
96.ADCT deleted····
97.ADCT deleted····
98.ADCT deleted····
99.AEE deleted····
100.ADVS deleted····
101.AEE deleted····
102.AEE deleted····
103.AEE deleted····
104.AEE deleted····
105.AEG deleted····
106.AEE deleted····
107.AEG deleted····
108.AEG deleted····
109.AEG deleted····
110.AEG deleted····
111.AEIS deleted····
112.AEIS deleted····
113.ADPT deleted····
114.AEM deleted····
115.AEM deleted····
116.ADPT deleted····
117.ADRX deleted····
118.AEM deleted····
119.ADPT deleted····
120.ADSK deleted····
121.ADSK deleted····
122.AEM deleted····
123.ADSK deleted····
124.ADTN deleted····
125.AEOS deleted····
126.AEOS deleted····
127.AEP deleted····
128.ADSK deleted····
129.ADVNA deleted····
130.ADTN deleted····
131.AFCI deleted····
132.ADVP deleted····
133.AFC deleted····
134.AFG deleted····
135.AFC deleted····
136.AFG deleted····
137.AG deleted····
138.AFCI deleted····
139.AFL deleted····
140.AFL deleted····
141.AG deleted····
142.AEP deleted····
143.AGE deleted····
144.AGE deleted····
145.AGN deleted····
146.AEP deleted····
147.AGU deleted····
148.AES deleted····
149.AEPI deleted····
150.AGN deleted····
151.AES deleted····
152.AES deleted····
153.AET deleted····
154.AET deleted····
155.AET deleted····
156.AES deleted····
157.AET deleted····
158.AIG deleted····
159.AET deleted····
160.AIG deleted····
161.AETH deleted····
162.AIG deleted····
163.AIN deleted····
164.AIT deleted····
165.AHAA deleted····
166.AH deleted····
167.AIN deleted····
168.AHC deleted····
169.AHC deleted····
170.AJG deleted····
171.AIR deleted····
172.AHC deleted····
173.AIV deleted····
174.AKLM deleted····
175.AKS deleted····
176.AIT deleted····
177.AHG deleted····
178.AHC deleted····
179.AJG deleted····
180.AHC deleted····
181.AHC deleted····
182.AHO deleted····
183.AHG deleted····
184.AIG deleted····
185.AHO deleted····
186.AHO deleted····
187.AIG deleted····
188.ALEX deleted····
189.ALE deleted····
190.AHS deleted····
191.ALFA deleted····
192.ALEX deleted····
193.ALEX deleted····
194.ALFA deleted····
195.AKSY deleted····
196.ALGX deleted····
197.ALFA deleted····
198.AL deleted····
199.ALK deleted····
200.AL deleted····
201.ALL deleted····
202.ALK deleted····
203.ALA deleted····
204.ALN deleted····
205.ALA deleted····
206.ALA deleted····
207.ALA deleted····
208.ALB deleted····
209.ALL deleted····
210.ALO deleted····
211.ALN deleted····
212.ALB deleted····
213.ALE deleted····
214.ALB deleted····
215.ALB deleted····
216.ALE deleted····
217.ALE deleted····
218.ALE deleted····
219.AMD deleted····
220.AM deleted····
221.AMAT deleted····
222.AM deleted····
223.AMAT deleted····
224.AMAT deleted····
225.AM deleted····
226.AMAT deleted····
227.AMAT deleted····
228.ALOG deleted····
229.ALO deleted····
230.AMAT deleted····
231.AMAT deleted····
232.AMAT deleted····
233.AMAT deleted····
234.AMAT deleted····
235.ALOG deleted····
236.ALTR deleted····
237.AMCC deleted····
238.ALS deleted····
239.AMB deleted····
240.AMB deleted····
241.AMB deleted····
242.AMCC deleted····
243.ALTR deleted····
244.AMD deleted····
245.ALTR deleted····
246.AMCC deleted····
247.ALX deleted····
248.AMR deleted····
249.AML deleted····
250.AMD deleted····
251.ALTR deleted····
252.AMR deleted····
253.AMD deleted····
254.AMZN deleted····
255.AMR deleted····
256.AME deleted····
257.AME deleted····
258.AMR deleted····
259.AMFH deleted····
260.AMSY deleted····
261.AMSY deleted····
262.AMSY deleted····
263.AMGN deleted····
264.AMSY deleted····
265.AMD deleted····
266.AMSY deleted····
267.AMGN deleted····
268.AMWD deleted····
269.AMGN deleted····
270.AMGN deleted····
271.AMT deleted····
272.AMGN deleted····
273.AMGN deleted····
274.AMTD deleted····
275.AMGN deleted····
276.AOL deleted····
277.ANL deleted····
278.AMZN deleted····
279.AOS deleted····
280.ANF deleted····
281.AOS deleted····
282.ANF deleted····
283.AMZN deleted····
284.AOL deleted····
285.AOR deleted····
286.AMZN deleted····
287.ANN deleted····
288.AMZN deleted····
289.ANAT deleted····
290.ANPI deleted····
291.AN deleted····
292.AN deleted····
293.AOL deleted····
294.AOL deleted····
295.AOC deleted····
296.AOL deleted····
297.AOL deleted····
298.ANDW deleted····
299.ANDW deleted····
300.ANAT deleted····
301.AOL deleted····
302.AOL deleted····
303.Added APOL 0 0 
304.Added APC 10  10  
305.Added APAC 4 6 
306.ANAT deleted····
307.Added APPB 10  10  
308.Added ARB 10  10  
309.Added APOL 0 0 
310.Added APC 10  10  
311.Added APC 10  10  
312.Added APWR 0 2 
313.Added ARB 10  10  
314.Added ARB 10  10  
315.Added APD 2 0 
316.Added APPB 10  10  
317.AOT deleted····
318.Added APD 2 0 
319.Added APD 2 0 
320.APA deleted····
321.Added APCC 0 0 
322.APA deleted····
323.Added ARBA 0 0 
324.APA deleted····
325.APA deleted····
326.APA deleted····
327.Added ARE 8  2 
328.Added APD 2 0 
329.Added APOL 0 0 
330.Added APN 0 0 
331.Added ASCL 0 0 
333.Added ARI 9  6 
334.Added ARTC 5 0 
335.Added ARK 8  2 
336.Added ASF 0 10  
337.Added ARM 0 0 
339.Added ASN 0 0 
340.Added ARJ 5 0 
341.Added ASD 4 0 
342.Added ARJ 5 0 
343.Added ASN 0 0 
344.Added ASD 4 0 
345.Added ARG 3 0 
346.Added ARW 0 0 
347.Added ASA 0 0 
348.Added ASBC 5 2 
349.Added ARXX 0 0 
350.Added ASTE 10  10  
351.Added ASH 0 0 
352.Added ATK 2 0 
353.Added ARG 3 0 
354.Added ATIS 0 0 
355.Added ATR 0 0 
356.Added ASH 0 0 
357.Added ARM 0 0 
358.Added ASL 8  2 
359.Added ATR 0 0 
360.Added ATG 7 2 
361.Added ATK 2 0 
362.Added ATG 7 2 
363.Added ATMI 0 2 
364.Added ASPT 6 0 
365.Added ATML 0 0 
366.Added ATML 0 0 
367.Added AT 5 0 
368.Added ASO 10  10  
369.Added ASP 0 0 
370.Added ATML 0 0 
371.Added ASO 10  10  
372.Added ATSN 0 0 
373.Added BCR 10  10  
374.Added ASTE 10  10  
375.Added BEN 9  6 
376.Added ATI 3 10  
377.Added ATI 3 10  
378.Added BELFB 9  10  
379.Added BEN 9  6 
380.Added ATO 0 0 
381.Added BEAS 0 0 
382.Added BELM 0 0 
383.Added BCGI 10  10  
384.Added BDG 0 0 
385.Added BEAS 0 0 
386.Added BEAV 0 0 
387.Added BCR 10  10  
388.Added BDG 0 0 
389.Added BEZ 0 0 
390.Added BEC 7 0 
391.Added BEIQ 0 0 
392.Added BED 2 0 
393.Added BEZ 0 0 
394.Added BDX 0 0 
395.Added BCF 0 0 
396.Added BGG 10  10  
397.Added BGEN 0 0 
398.Added BCF 0 0 
399.Added BF.B 0 2 
400.Added BID 0 0 
401.Added BELFB 9  10  
402.Added BFK 9  6 
403.Added BEAS 0 0 
404.Added BGEN 0 0 
405.Added BGP 0 0 
406.Added BFT 5 6 
407.Added BID 0 0 
408.Added BF.B 0 2 
409.Added BGP 0 0 
410.Added BK 5 0 
411.Added BGEN 0 0 
412.Added BJS 0 0 
413.Added BJ 0 0 
414.Added BGC 2 0 
415.Added BHI 0 0 
416.Added BK 5 0 
417.Added BGEN 0 0 
418.Added BHI 0 0 
419.Added BK 5 0 
420.BRKS deleted····
421.BSX deleted····
422.BSET deleted····
423.BRK.A deleted····
424.BRCM deleted····
425.BRKT deleted····
426.BSX deleted····
427.BTO deleted····
428.BSX deleted····
429.BRCM deleted····
430.BTI deleted····
431.BRL deleted····
432.BSET deleted····
433.BRW deleted····
434.BRCM deleted····
435.BRE deleted····
436.BTH deleted····
437.BTGC deleted····
438.BRL deleted····
439.BSC deleted····
440.BRCM deleted····
441.BRE deleted····
442.BRCM deleted····
443.BTH deleted····
444.BTGC deleted····
445.BTH deleted····
446.BRG deleted····
447.BSC deleted····
448.C deleted····
449.BWC deleted····
450.BVSN deleted····
451.BWS deleted····
452.C deleted····
453.BWC deleted····
454.BUD deleted····
455.C deleted····
456.BVN deleted····
457.BVSN deleted····
458.BVSN deleted····
459.BVF deleted····
460.BWS deleted····
461.C deleted····
462.BZH deleted····
463.BW deleted····
464.BW deleted····
465.BWA deleted····
466.C deleted····
467.BWA deleted····
468.C deleted····
469.C deleted····
470.C deleted····
471.Added CAT 9  6 
472.Added CAT 9  6 
473.CAM deleted····
474.CAG deleted····
475.CAL deleted····
476.CAG deleted····
477.CAG deleted····
478.CA deleted····
479.CA deleted····
480.CA deleted····
481.CANI deleted····
482.CATT deleted····
483.CAG deleted····
484.CASY deleted····
485.CAPA deleted····
486.CAG deleted····
487.CAM deleted····
488.CA deleted····
489.CASY deleted····
490.Added CAT 9  6 
491.CACOA deleted····
492.CA deleted····
493.Added CAKE 5 10  
494.CBSH deleted····
495.CBSH deleted····
496.CBSH deleted····
497.CB deleted····
498.CBSS deleted····
499.CBT deleted····
500.CCE deleted····
501.CCK deleted····
502.CBE deleted····
503.CB deleted····
504.CBE deleted····
505.CCL deleted····
506.CCE deleted····
507.CBH deleted····
508.CBM deleted····
509.CCK deleted····
510.Added CBL 0 0 
511.CC deleted····
512.CC deleted····
513.CCL deleted····
514.CBT deleted····
515.CBR deleted····
516.CC deleted····
517.CBM deleted····
518.CCBL deleted····
519.CCMP deleted····
520.CBRL deleted····
521.CBRL deleted····
522.CCC deleted····
523.Added ATVI 0 0 
524.Added ATW 0 2 
525.Added AU 8  2 
526.Added AWR 0 0 
527.Added AVP 0 0 
528.Added AV 0 0 
529.Added AWE 1 0 
530.Added AWF 9  6 
531.Added AWK 9  6 
532.Added AVT 0 0 
533.Added AVP 0 0 
534.Added AVP 0 0 
535.Added AVT 0 0 
536.Added AVY 4 0 
537.Added AVX 0 0 
538.Added AVY 4 0 
539.Added AWR 0 0 
540.Added AWA 3 10  
541.Added AW 0 2 
542.Added AW 0 2 
543.Added AWE 1 0 
544.Added AVID 4 2 
545.Added BA 5 2 
546.Added AZO 10  10  
547.Added AXP 4 0 
548.Added AWE 1 0 
549.Added BA 5 2 
550.Added AXP 4 0 
551.Added AZR 0 0 
552.Added AVID 4 2 
553.Added ATVI 0 0 
554.Added AZPN 0 0 
555.Added BA 5 2 
556.Added AZR 0 0 
557.Added BAB 0 0 
558.Added AYI 4 0 
559.Added AZR 0 0 
560.Added AXE 0 0 
561.Added AXP 4 0 
562.Added AXTI 0 0 
563.Added AWRE 4 6 
564.Added BA 5 2 
565.Added AXP 4 0 
566.Added AZO 10  10  
567.Added BAC 4 0 
568.Added B 0 0 
569.Added AZO 10  10  
570.Added AZO 10  10  
571.Added AXP 4 0 
572.Added BAX 0 0 
573.Added BA 5 2 
574.Added BBV 0 0 
575.Added BBY 0 0 
576.Added BAX 0 0 
577.Added BCF 0 0 
578.Added BAX 0 0 
579.Added BBY 0 0 
580.Added BBBY 5 0 
581.Added BCF 0 0 
582.Added BBY 0 0 
583.Added BCC 0 0 
584.Added BBOX 0 6 
585.Added BBBY 5 0 
586.Added BCC 0 0 
587.Added BC 10  10  
588.Added BAC 4 0 
589.Added BAC 4 0 
590.Added BBBY 5 0 
591.Added BBBY 5 0 
592.Added BCC 0 0 
593.Added BCC 0 0 
594.Added BAC 4 0 
595.Added BBT 7 0 
596.Added BBT 7 0 
597.Added BAC 4 0 
598.Added BARZ 0 0 
599.Added BBT 7 0 
600.Added BCE 9  10  
601.Added BBT 7 0 
602.Added BK 5 0 
603.BMY deleted····
604.Added BLS 0 0 
605.BKE deleted····
606.BLI deleted····
607.BKH deleted····
608.BLI deleted····
609.BKH deleted····
610.Added BK 5 0 
611.BMET deleted····
612.BKH deleted····
613.BKI deleted····
614.BKNG deleted····
615.BKH deleted····
616.Added BLS 0 0 
617.BMET deleted····
618.BMET deleted····
619.BMC deleted····
620.BKNG deleted····
621.BKS deleted····
622.BMY deleted····
623.BMS deleted····
624.BMS deleted····
625.BN deleted····
626.BOH deleted····
627.BKS deleted····
628.BMO deleted····
629.BN deleted····
630.BLC deleted····
631.BNE deleted····
632.BMS deleted····
633.BKS deleted····
634.BOL deleted····
635.BR deleted····
636.BR deleted····
637.BNE deleted····
638.BR deleted····
639.BOH deleted····
640.BOW deleted····
641.BN deleted····
642.BR deleted····
643.BP deleted····
644.BP deleted····
645.BOBE deleted····
646.CCU deleted····
647.CDIS deleted····
648.Added CEFT 6 0 
649.Added CEFT 6 0 
650.Added CEFT 6 0 
651.CCTVY deleted····
652.CCRD deleted····
653.Added CEFT 6 0 
654.CDN deleted····
655.CDN deleted····
656.CDWC deleted····
657.CDT deleted····
658.CCU deleted····
659.CEG deleted····
660.CCR deleted····
661.Added CD 10  10  
662.CCU deleted····
663.CDT deleted····
664.CCU deleted····
665.Added CD 10  10  
666.CDI deleted····
667.Added CD 10  10  
668.CCUR deleted····
669.CCR deleted····
670.CDI deleted····
671.CFBX deleted····
672.CEN deleted····
673.CEPH deleted····
674.CEI deleted····
675.Added CERN 0 0 
676.Added CERN 0 0 
677.CEN deleted····
678.CEN deleted····
679.Added CGC 10  10  
680.CFFN deleted····
681.CFFN deleted····
682.CEN deleted····
683.CFFN deleted····
684.CEY deleted····
685.CFR deleted····
686.CENT deleted····
687.CEY deleted····
688.CGNX deleted····
689.CGNX deleted····
690.CF deleted····
691.CF deleted····
692.CEPH deleted····
693.CFB deleted····
694.CENX deleted····
695.CFB deleted····
696.CEG deleted····
697.Added CHD 3 10  
698.CHRW deleted····
699.CHIR deleted····
700.Added CHRS 0 0 
701.CHRW deleted····
702.CHIR deleted····
703.CHKP deleted····
704.CHFC deleted····
705.CHFC deleted····
706.CGX deleted····
707.CHUX deleted····
708.CHE deleted····
709.CHS deleted····
710.CHE deleted····
711.CHKP deleted····
712.CHKP deleted····
713.Added CHD 3 10  
714.CHL deleted····
715.CHG deleted····
716.CHZ deleted····
717.CHG deleted····
718.CI deleted····
719.CHP deleted····
720.CHIR deleted····
721.CHBS deleted····
722.CKFR deleted····
723.CKH deleted····
724.CLC deleted····
725.CKP deleted····
726.CI deleted····
727.CKFR deleted····
728.CIV deleted····
729.CIN deleted····
730.CKP deleted····
731.CKFR deleted····
732.CINF deleted····
733.CLE deleted····
734.CLE deleted····
735.CLC deleted····
736.CIEN deleted····
737.CK deleted····
738.CIEN deleted····
739.CL deleted····
740.CIV deleted····
741.CIV deleted····
742.CIEN deleted····
743.CIEN deleted····
744.CL deleted····
745.CIEN deleted····
746.CKR deleted····
747.CMA deleted····
748.CMC deleted····
749.CMGI deleted····
750.CMGI deleted····
751.CMH deleted····
752.CMC deleted····
753.CLP deleted····
754.CMH deleted····
755.CLP deleted····
756.CLP deleted····
757.CMCSA deleted····
758.CLP deleted····
759.CMA deleted····
760.CLI deleted····
761.CLU deleted····
762.CMGI deleted····
763.CLTX deleted····
764.CMCSK deleted····
765.CMGI deleted····
766.CLP deleted····
767.CLF deleted····
768.CLF deleted····
769.CMCSK deleted····
770.CLX deleted····
771.CLJ deleted····
772.CLX deleted····
773.CMA deleted····
774.CNMD deleted····
775.CNET deleted····
776.CMRC deleted····
777.CNET deleted····
778.CMS deleted····
779.CMVT deleted····
780.CNMD deleted····
781.CNC deleted····
782.CNC.PRV deleted····
783.CMS deleted····
784.CMVT deleted····
785.CNXT deleted····
786.CNXT deleted····
787.COA deleted····
788.CNF deleted····
789.CNB deleted····
790.COA deleted····
791.CMVT deleted····
792.CNL deleted····
793.CNA deleted····
794.CNL deleted····
795.CNF deleted····
796.COCO deleted····
797.CNI deleted····
798.CNC deleted····
799.Added COHU 0 0 
800.COMS deleted····
801.COL deleted····
802.COST deleted····
803.COMS deleted····
804.COKE deleted····
805.COKE deleted····
806.COF deleted····
807.COMS deleted····
808.COX deleted····
809.COTT deleted····
810.COH deleted····
811.COO deleted····
812.COF deleted····
813.COG deleted····
814.COLM deleted····
815.COMS deleted····
816.CORL deleted····
817.COMS deleted····
818.COMS deleted····
819.COMS deleted····
820.COST deleted····
821.COHR deleted····
822.Added CRA 6 6 
823.CRE deleted····
824.Added CRA 6 6 
825.CPWM deleted····
826.CREE deleted····
827.CPWR deleted····
828.CPC deleted····
829.CPB deleted····
830.CPC deleted····
831.CREE deleted····
832.CPWR deleted····
833.CPO deleted····
834.CPS deleted····
835.CPRT deleted····
836.CPWR deleted····
837.CPWR deleted····
838.CPB deleted····
839.Added CR 10  10  
840.CRR deleted····
841.CRN deleted····
842.CRO deleted····
843.CPO deleted····
844.Added CPT 1 0 
845.Added CR 10  10  
846.CSCO deleted····
847.CSCO deleted····
848.CSGS deleted····
849.CSGS deleted····
850.CRUS deleted····
851.CSCO deleted····
852.CSC deleted····
853.CRS deleted····
854.Added CSG 9  6 
855.CSC deleted····
856.CSGS deleted····
857.CRVL deleted····
858.CSCO deleted····
859.CSC deleted····
860.CSCO deleted····
861.CSCO deleted····
862.CRY deleted····
863.CSCO deleted····
864.CSCO deleted····
865.CSC deleted····
866.CSC deleted····
867.CSAR deleted····
868.CSCO deleted····
869.CSAR deleted····
870.CSC deleted····
871.CSCO deleted····
872.CTL deleted····
873.CTL deleted····
874.CSX deleted····
875.CSX deleted····
876.CTL deleted····
877.CU deleted····
878.CTXS deleted····
879.CTSH deleted····
880.CTXS deleted····
881.CSX deleted····
882.CSK deleted····
883.Added CTAS 2 0 
884.Added CTAS 2 0 
885.CTS deleted····
886.Added CSL 0 0 
887.CUB deleted····
888.CUM deleted····
889.CTX deleted····
890.Added CSL 0 0 
891.CTV deleted····
892.Added CUNO 0 0 
893.CYT deleted····
894.CVG deleted····
895.CZ deleted····
896.CVS deleted····
897.CZN deleted····
898.CXP deleted····
899.CYT deleted····
900.CVD deleted····
901.CYGN deleted····
902.CVD deleted····
903.D deleted····
904.CVS deleted····
905.CW deleted····
906.Added CWP 0 0 
907.Added DCP 0 6 
908.D deleted····
909.Added DCX 0 0 
910.DAL deleted····
911.DAL deleted····
912.DBRN deleted····
913.DD deleted····
914.DCI deleted····
915.DCLK deleted····
916.DD deleted····
917.DCLK deleted····
918.DD deleted····
919.DCN deleted····
920.DBD deleted····
921.DD deleted····
922.D deleted····
923.DBD deleted····
924.DCOM deleted····
925.D deleted····
926.DD deleted····
927.DEO deleted····
928.DHR deleted····
929.DELL deleted····
930.DF deleted····
931.DIGE deleted····
932.DE deleted····
933.DELL deleted····
934.DHR deleted····
935.DFG deleted····
936.DEL deleted····
937.DFXI deleted····
938.DFG deleted····
939.DDS deleted····
940.DFG deleted····
941.DELL deleted····
942.DELL deleted····
943.DG deleted····
944.DELL deleted····
945.DGX deleted····
946.DG deleted····
947.DDS deleted····
948.DG deleted····
949.DE deleted····
950.DELL deleted····
951.DELL deleted····
952.DGX deleted····
953.NPRO deleted····
954.Added QQQ 0 0 
955.Added NPRO 0 0 

Average portfolio timeliness: 3.26; average short term timeliness: 2.27

Program Version: Sep 25 2002 at 21:55:43