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Elliott Wave International Free Resources

A daily wrap-up of the U.S. markets.
Inside the Real Estate Bubble In today's investment sector, there's one investment that almost everyone seems to agree will remain safe: real estate. Elliott Wave International's senior market commentator Robert Folsom isn't buying it. He's looked at the figures and they just dont support the ongoing bull market in real estate. He debunks the safety of real estate myth by discussing the illusion of ownership, the tenuous nature of our current low interest rates, thieving mortgage packages, and most importantly, the real estate bubble.
Global Depression II: The Domino Effect It seems like the term global economy has been gaining more and more credibility with the financial media in recent years - and along with it, the idea that world stock market's prices are interlinked. But are they really? Can the decline of the American stock market really be blamed for the worlds economic woes? But what about Japan's declining Nikkei throughout the '90s?
A weekly wrap-up of the U.S. markets.
A daily wrap-up of the Futures markets.
Weekly commentary on global markets.

Robert Folsom's Summary of Conquer the Crash

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